For filing a national application we will ask you to provide us with:


  • a description of the invention;
  • the text of claims;
  • drawings (if they necessary for the understanding of the essence of the invention);
  • an abstract;
  • a document confirming the right to file a patent application (provided it is filed not by inventor himself) and the inventorship declaration;
  • power of attorney.


The national Bureau checks applications against formal requirements and whether or not the invention is excluded from being patentable. In case of examiner’s refusal the applicant is allowed to file an appeal that will be considered by the LSPB Appeal Department during an oral hearing. If the examiner’s decision is not reversed, the applicant reserves the right to apply to court.


The Lithuanian Patent Office does not conduct examination against the criteria of novelty and whether the invention involves an inventive step. Third parties may demand invalidation of a patent based on these grounds by initiating a court action.  The court if first instance to consider such cases is Vilnius District court.


Obtaining rights and protection of patent rights obtained by EP or PCT systems are regulated by relevant international acts and national law.

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