National Phase of PCT

Any international patent application for which the State Patent Bureau is a designated or elected patent office and which has been published under Article 21 of the Patent Cooperation Treaty enjoys provisional protection.


For entry into national phase it is necessary to pay the established fee, file the Lithuanian translation of claims and text of the drawings within the time limit applicable under Articles 22 or 39 of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The translation is published in the State Patent Bureau’s Official Bulletin.


As a result of Lithuania’s joining the European Patent Convention, from December 1, 2004 nationals of Lithuania and persons having their principal place of business or residence in Lithuania became entitled to file PCT applications with the European Patent Office as a receiving Office.


Any PCT request filed on or after December 1,  2004 automatically designates Lithuania for the purpose of obtaining a European patent.


European patents for Lithuania cannot be automatically granted on the basis of PCT applications with a filing date prior to 1 December 2004. However, a national patent can be granted, if Lithuania has been designated in the PCT application.

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