Assigments and Changes

Assignments and changes with regard to national marks become valid in Lithuania after their recordation with the Lithuanian bureau. Recordal may be obtained at any time, however changes and assignments take effect in Lithuania not from the date  when the change actually occurred or the assignment agreement was signed but after they have been recorded in the Lithuanian trademark register.


Assignments and changes may be recorded against applications and registrations.


For recordation of a change we would need a simple copy of a document to that effect and a signed  power of attorney indicating the new trademark holder’s name. On your request we will provide you with an electronic version of POA.


For recordation of assignment it would be necessary to submit:


  • a request to record the transfer;
  • a document certifying the transfer;
  • a document certifying the payment of a fixed fee;
  • the power of attorney issued to the representative (where appropriate).


As a document certifying the transfer it is recommended to use the LR Bureau’s form, which does not need notarisation or legalisation.


Indication of the value of the assigned mark or whether goodwill is transferred  is not required.


If you provide us with the details of the mark and owner/owners, we will send you electronic filled-in forms in English for signing by the parties.


Partial assignments (for part of goods) are possible. However, unlike recently allowed for CTM, division of a national application or registration  for other purposes – e.g. in case of an opposition against a part of goods – is not allowed by national law.


The official fee for recordation of a change against a national mark is about 35 €, of an assignment – 115 €.


Recordation of assignments and changes with regard to  International marks is obtained through the International Office (WIPO).


Recordation of changes and assignments with regard to CTMs is obtained through OHIM. Official fee for assignment of a CTM has been abolished starting with July 25, 2005.

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